How Quadrillion can help with your Conferences and Events

Conference & Event Video Production : Promotion, Publicity, Incentive

This latest article in our series discusses the benefits of video for conferences, events, meetings, and seminars.

Quadrillion Video Productions has a wealth of experience in Event Coverage.

Virtually any conference or event can be televised for the benefit of the audience, as well as streamed live, or delivered post-event to remote audiences anywhere.

Conferences and events also benefit from video inserts that support key presentations. Inserts can include uplifting introductory promos, contributions from eminent people who cannot attend, as well as vox-pop style interviews from clients and customers.

Conference & Event Coverage

Video streaming of a conference or event allows you to connect with remote audiences, so you can engage with people around the world.

Whether it’s a major conference, special event, workshop or panel discussion, today people can view on any device – laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, or TV.

A separate highlights video can provide people who could not attend an overview of your conference or event. The video can also be used to promote your next conference for future participants.

GFI Conference in Copenhagen

Publicity Event Videos

A video of your publicity event will make sure you reach the maximum potential audience.

Video is one of the best ways to secure exposure. A well-crafted publicity event video that encourages people to keep watching, will get the attention you need.

Launch-Party Video

Whether it’s the launch of a product or service, a sparkling video should reflect the quality of your business and brand.

Launch-party videos are ideal for adding to your social media channels or to appear your website.

Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremony videos are perfect for marketing your ceremony and creating a permanent record of the winners’ achievements.

Coverage of Meetings & Seminars

Capturing Meetings or Seminars on video is perfect for wider internal distribution within your company, or as a record for future reference. Quadrillion has the expertise to cover these occasions faithfully, ensuring everything is clearly seen and heard.

Tax Payer Scotland Seminar

Team Building Video

Team building events improve morale, encourage people to work together, and support company values.

Seeing this on video is a great way to widen the impact across your company; it’s also the perfect memento for the participants.

Quadrillion prides itself on making any event, large or small, look great!

Our experienced team covers all aspects of video production:

  • Creative Development
  • Design
  • Crewing
  • Steaming
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • 2D & 3D Animation

All this enables us to cost-effectively deliver the quality you need.

How Quadrillion Can Help Produce Your Product Launch Video

Here is a brief look at producing effective videos for

Product Launches + Concepts + Initiatives.

Video can play a major part during the initial stages of product development. 3D-animation, explanatory graphics, and informative images can provide a taste of what is to come.

Quadrillion TV is delighted to have been chosen by a brand-new British aerospace consortium to promote the launch of their autonomous cargo drone, Sky Hopper.

This brief article describes the benefits of video for product launches, concepts and initiatives – partially illustrated with a look at the Sky Hopper initiative.

Sky Hopper website

Why Video

A Product Launch Video can bring any product in any industry to life through sight, sound and motion.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Product Launch and Demo Videos in campaigns:

  • Build excitement for the product with sight, sound, and motion
  • Grow interest and adoption with effective calls-to-action (CTAs) that drive traffic
  • Motion graphics and animation, allows you to see what is difficult to describe
  • Highlight key benefits and features of the product
  • Highly portable format – can be easily embedded in web pages, blogs and social media feeds
  • SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) through transcription & subtitles

Sky Hopper Initiative

Sky Hopper will be an electrically-powered Autonomous (un-manned) Cargo Drone.

With a target payload of one hundred kilograms, it will be ideal for serving isolated areas.

Highly-advanced technology, environmentally friendly electric power, and quality British aerospace engineering are central to Sky Hopper.

Because the Sky Hopper initiative is still at the conceptual stage, video was chosen to bring the innovative device to life. We have been able to do just this with the help of 3D-animation and illuminative graphics.


Drone Model

A series of short, informative videos are being created to support the on-going development of the project, which is in 3 stages:

  1. Concept – design scoping, and operations analysis
  2. Demonstrator – structures, electronics and first flights
  3. Equity Investment – flight proving and operations

The videos will also support a crowd-funding exercise, leading to an Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Directly linked to the highly informative Sky Hopper website, the videos are designed to create interest – even excitement – in this advanced British aerospace project.

This will be achieved through videos that contain very short interviews with key personnel, illustrative imaging of the machine itself from the drawing board to the first flight.

Uplifting music, informative commentary, stylish graphics, skilfully shot interviews and advanced 3D-Animation aim to be a recipe for success.

Professor Richard Brown - Aerodynamicist

Video Can Enhance

Producing video is an increasingly popular strategy for commerce and industry, as it seeks to increase online presence and capture market share in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Visually, product launch and concept videos can:

  • Highlight key product features and benefits
  • Include screen captures for demonstrations and in-depth analysis
  • Show the product in real-time through life-like animation (and actuality)
  • Be optimised for use in IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), web, and mobile applications

The viewer’s experience is vitally important, as they are giving up time to watch. The risk of poor storytelling is very simple – you’re ignored. A high click-through rate is not enough. If the video draws people in, the all-important completion rate will also be high – success!

From software training sessions and onboarding demos, to showcasing the benefits and features of your automotive, tech, financial service, or entertainment concept…

…Product Launch and Demo Videos help ‘show’ what you can’t ‘tell’.



What can Quadrillion offer Not-for-Profit Organisations?

A video presentation needs to produce results for any organisation. The possibilities are greater today as a result of the Internet. Having your presentation online means a wider audience, a higher profile, and (if needed) greater donations.

To ensure results, video needs to be used for its strengths – as an emotional engager, a visual storyteller and a medium for conveying simple, meaningful headlines.

Our experience shows that cramming too much information into a video doesn’t work. So, be brief and to the point. Allow our creative approach to emotionally engage your audience. Then, almost any campaign can benefit from the use of video.

Simple things can make a huge difference – your message must show that viewers really can make a difference; short but sweet will hold their attention; bold contact information will increase donations.

If you need a little longer to tell your story, you can still keep it simple and effective. Take the viewer on a journey from a strong beginning, through to an engaging middle and finally to a fulfilling end. An engaging narrative with supporting case studies and illustrations, plus an eye-catching call to action will do the job.

Your video must be authentic. The ideal campaign film should contain a balance of anxiety and hope. Move your audience – shock them perhaps, but leave them feeling that they can make a difference.

Epilepsy Society

Personal testimonies can be used to powerful effect. Video can tackle uncomfortable issues, and allow the viewer to see people they might never otherwise meet. This means charities can cut through pre-conceptions, tackle ignorance and stigma, to provide insight and understanding.

We use the best storytelling techniques such as jeopardy and twists that not only surprise the viewer, but also keeps them involved.

A proper creative brief is vital. We advise you to write a list of key messages, ideally in order of importance, which your video needs to convey. Limit yourself to a maximum of five – less if possible. Some of the most effective videos simply have one over-arching message.

Be clear about who your target audience is and what you want the tone of the piece to be.

Resist the urge to think of a creative concept. It’s our job to generate ideas and think creatively on your behalf. Once you are totally happy with the approach we can then work together to bring it to life.

The Food Chain

We recommend a cross-platform strategy; harnessing all the elements of online and social media to target your audience and allow them to easily find you.

Ultimately, a well-planned, creatively produced and delivered campaign will reap results. Throughout the Not-for-Profit sector there are amazing stories to tell. What better way to tell them than through video.

Check back for the next in our series of blog articles about getting the most from Conferences


What can Quadrillion offer the Medical Profession and the Pharmaceutical Industry?

In a series of blog articles, we briefly explore how video can help commerce, industry and not-for-profit organisations.

There are many benefits video can offer the medical and pharmaceutical arenas. It can provide Access to Specialists and Consultants – professionals that many people would not always be able to meet and hear what they have to say – and it’s one of the best methods of communicating the latest thoughts from the experts.

The Latest Treatments and Developments can successfully be revealed, as it’s the ideal method of showing how new techniques and therapies have been developed, and how new treatments should be performed.


Differing Versions can readily be created, for example a technically detailed version for professional clinicians, and a simplified, non-technical one for patients.

The Full-Length Programme can easily be shortened into a Highlights Video – ideal for the Internet or for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations and so on.

Videos can be enhanced with Animations – particularly in 3D – which offer a profoundly effective method of demonstrating complex ideas.

Xstrahl 1 copy

Medical Conferences and Seminars cannot be attended by everyone, so video coverage is often essential. A conference can be streamed live on the Internet to a worldwide or invited audience, with highlights and separate interviews of individual speakers distributed post-event.

Quality speaker support is also important. “Death by PowerPoint” must be avoided at all costs. This can be achieved by the use of professionally created visuals and Video Inserts.

Surgical Videos are certainly one of the best methods of demonstrating procedures to a wider professional audience. Filming in theatre is a specialist task – the ability to capture the highest quality video (in Ultra HD) without intrusion in the operating theatre is one of the highest levels of video production.

It makes sense to appoint a production company that has Extensive Medical Experience. From making a simple demonstration video to a complex study of a particular advance in medicine, the production team must be able to handle new topics quickly and efficiently in order to communicate medical concepts effectively.

An understanding of the Pharmaceutical Environment and how to work with the regulatory bodies is also essential in order to produce programmes that satisfy these demands.

If you need to communicate a medical matter to your peers or patients feel free to contact us to discuss ideas on how best to proceed.

Check back for the next in our series of blog articles about helping not-for-profit organisations.