What can Quadrillion offer the Medical Profession and the Pharmaceutical Industry?

In a series of blog articles, we briefly explore how video can help commerce, industry and not-for-profit organisations.

There are many benefits video can offer the medical and pharmaceutical arenas. It can provide Access to Specialists and Consultants – professionals that many people would not always be able to meet and hear what they have to say – and it’s one of the best methods of communicating the latest thoughts from the experts.

The Latest Treatments and Developments can successfully be revealed, as it’s the ideal method of showing how new techniques and therapies have been developed, and how new treatments should be performed.


Differing Versions can readily be created, for example a technically detailed version for professional clinicians, and a simplified, non-technical one for patients.

The Full-Length Programme can easily be shortened into a Highlights Video – ideal for the Internet or for inclusion in PowerPoint presentations and so on.

Videos can be enhanced with Animations – particularly in 3D – which offer a profoundly effective method of demonstrating complex ideas.

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Medical Conferences and Seminars cannot be attended by everyone, so video coverage is often essential. A conference can be streamed live on the Internet to a worldwide or invited audience, with highlights and separate interviews of individual speakers distributed post-event.

Quality speaker support is also important. “Death by PowerPoint” must be avoided at all costs. This can be achieved by the use of professionally created visuals and Video Inserts.

Surgical Videos are certainly one of the best methods of demonstrating procedures to a wider professional audience. Filming in theatre is a specialist task – the ability to capture the highest quality video (in Ultra HD) without intrusion in the operating theatre is one of the highest levels of video production.

It makes sense to appoint a production company that has Extensive Medical Experience. From making a simple demonstration video to a complex study of a particular advance in medicine, the production team must be able to handle new topics quickly and efficiently in order to communicate medical concepts effectively.

An understanding of the Pharmaceutical Environment and how to work with the regulatory bodies is also essential in order to produce programmes that satisfy these demands.

If you need to communicate a medical matter to your peers or patients feel free to contact us to discuss ideas on how best to proceed.

Check back for the next in our series of blog articles about helping not-for-profit organisations.