How Quadrillion can help with your Conferences and Events

Conference & Event Video Production : Promotion, Publicity, Incentive

This latest article in our series discusses the benefits of video for conferences, events, meetings, and seminars.

Quadrillion Video Productions has a wealth of experience in Event Coverage.

Virtually any conference or event can be televised for the benefit of the audience, as well as streamed live, or delivered post-event to remote audiences anywhere.

Conferences and events also benefit from video inserts that support key presentations. Inserts can include uplifting introductory promos, contributions from eminent people who cannot attend, as well as vox-pop style interviews from clients and customers.

Conference & Event Coverage

Video streaming of a conference or event allows you to connect with remote audiences, so you can engage with people around the world.

Whether it’s a major conference, special event, workshop or panel discussion, today people can view on any device – laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, or TV.

A separate highlights video can provide people who could not attend an overview of your conference or event. The video can also be used to promote your next conference for future participants.

GFI Conference in Copenhagen

Publicity Event Videos

A video of your publicity event will make sure you reach the maximum potential audience.

Video is one of the best ways to secure exposure. A well-crafted publicity event video that encourages people to keep watching, will get the attention you need.

Launch-Party Video

Whether it’s the launch of a product or service, a sparkling video should reflect the quality of your business and brand.

Launch-party videos are ideal for adding to your social media channels or to appear your website.

Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremony videos are perfect for marketing your ceremony and creating a permanent record of the winners’ achievements.

Coverage of Meetings & Seminars

Capturing Meetings or Seminars on video is perfect for wider internal distribution within your company, or as a record for future reference. Quadrillion has the expertise to cover these occasions faithfully, ensuring everything is clearly seen and heard.

Tax Payer Scotland Seminar

Team Building Video

Team building events improve morale, encourage people to work together, and support company values.

Seeing this on video is a great way to widen the impact across your company; it’s also the perfect memento for the participants.

Quadrillion prides itself on making any event, large or small, look great!

Our experienced team covers all aspects of video production:

  • Creative Development
  • Design
  • Crewing
  • Steaming
  • Editing
  • Sound
  • 2D & 3D Animation

All this enables us to cost-effectively deliver the quality you need.