What can Quadrillion offer Not-for-Profit Organisations?

A video presentation needs to produce results for any organisation. The possibilities are greater today as a result of the Internet. Having your presentation online means a wider audience, a higher profile, and (if needed) greater donations.

To ensure results, video needs to be used for its strengths – as an emotional engager, a visual storyteller and a medium for conveying simple, meaningful headlines.

Our experience shows that cramming too much information into a video doesn’t work. So, be brief and to the point. Allow our creative approach to emotionally engage your audience. Then, almost any campaign can benefit from the use of video.

Simple things can make a huge difference – your message must show that viewers really can make a difference; short but sweet will hold their attention; bold contact information will increase donations.

If you need a little longer to tell your story, you can still keep it simple and effective. Take the viewer on a journey from a strong beginning, through to an engaging middle and finally to a fulfilling end. An engaging narrative with supporting case studies and illustrations, plus an eye-catching call to action will do the job.

Your video must be authentic. The ideal campaign film should contain a balance of anxiety and hope. Move your audience – shock them perhaps, but leave them feeling that they can make a difference.

Epilepsy Society

Personal testimonies can be used to powerful effect. Video can tackle uncomfortable issues, and allow the viewer to see people they might never otherwise meet. This means charities can cut through pre-conceptions, tackle ignorance and stigma, to provide insight and understanding.

We use the best storytelling techniques such as jeopardy and twists that not only surprise the viewer, but also keeps them involved.

A proper creative brief is vital. We advise you to write a list of key messages, ideally in order of importance, which your video needs to convey. Limit yourself to a maximum of five – less if possible. Some of the most effective videos simply have one over-arching message.

Be clear about who your target audience is and what you want the tone of the piece to be.

Resist the urge to think of a creative concept. It’s our job to generate ideas and think creatively on your behalf. Once you are totally happy with the approach we can then work together to bring it to life.

The Food Chain

We recommend a cross-platform strategy; harnessing all the elements of online and social media to target your audience and allow them to easily find you.

Ultimately, a well-planned, creatively produced and delivered campaign will reap results. Throughout the Not-for-Profit sector there are amazing stories to tell. What better way to tell them than through video.

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